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NLP Means...Business Max Robberts

NLP Means...Business

Max Robberts

Kindle Edition
106 pages
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 About the Book 

NLP is unusual, it isn’t what people usually do.However, if you look at the results that people usually get then you might realise that doing something different, being flexible enough to do something unusual, might not be such a bad idea.If you do what people have always done, you’ll get what people have always got.NLP is about enabling you to be flexible enough to take whatever actions you need to take to achieve the results that you want.NLP is all about results.In this book the authors have combined some of the ideas and exercises from Max’s previous books with some of the main concepts of NLP that Adrian teaches and created an introduction to NLP which can really help in many areas of business and of your wider life, too.Both of them believe that NLP is one of the simplest and most effective ways to achieve the results that you want.This is your chance to find out for yourself.